Evolved to Move But..

Have we forgotten the importance of moving.

We weren’t designed to be stationary but today due to technological advancements we have become immobile to a certain extent. Based on evolution and natural selection we had to be on the move. Generally running, hunting, jumping etc, approximately 80% of our time mobile and the balance 20% was to rest and recuperate. Sadly today we don’t maintain that 80% nor the 20%. Our entire biological system is screwed up.

I can understand that we are in an advanced era where we are no more nomads or cavemen but can’t we just give a little conscious thought to our well being? We sit for most of the day with minimal calorie burn. We consume unhealthy street food. We stare at electronic devices through out the day failing to give some rest for our eyes and brain. We head back home again to sit and rest after a tiring day but continue our relationship with electronic devices late into the night. We sleep at odd hours and not providing our biological system the adequate rest it deserves. I don’t think anyone can save us if we are going to go on at this rate.

Has our lives become too comfortable that we have forgotten the importance of movement or keeping active? If we aren’t active how are we going to burn off all those unwanted calories which in turn becomes toxic to our system. Aren’t we the creators of our own disease, our own ailments, our own biological system corruption? Why are there so many movements about getting us to move, to be active, to exercise. Cause it has been proven that we are heading down a path of self destruction within our own biological system.

Just 20-30 mins of exercise a day for 4 times a week is good enough for our system. A 2km jog or 1km swim or a 5km cycle or a 2km row etc. There are so many forms of exercise which we can get involved in to keep ourselves healthy and active. Stop using that electronic scooter or bicycle. Walk or use the manual ones. Not giving the heart exercise also is a great way to doom yourself. Your need to burn the calories off and for that your heart needs to pump itself faster. You need to sleep well for at least 7 hours a day to recuperate and give your biological system time to repair. Every single organ/cells in our system needs to be active as evolution created it so.

Without exercise, there is surplus or excess baggage in the system. If there is too much surplus in stocks it isn’t a healthy sign and the same works for human system too. We have all the time to play games, browse the web, go social with all the social apps but we can’t make time to keep ourselves healthy. What a way for us to live our lives. I come to understand the term when scientists and medical professionals state that “we all have cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc within ourselves, it’s just waiting to be awakened. Based on today’s lifestyle this awakening process is much faster than expected “. Guess we know why now…

Sign Off, Conscious Words

Image is owned by is http://www.cancernetwork.com/articles/exercise-and-cancer

Mid-Life Crisis. It ain’t simple.

It’s silent and hits you hard when you least expected it.

crisisNever knew I was going through mid-life crisis a few months back. It just hits you so hard when you are least prepared for it. Now sitting down and thinking back about it I come to realize the single reason for this crisis to occur in my life. Just 2 years back, I lost my only source of strength in life, my mum (a single parent). It wasn’t a sudden lost but it was a lost which I knew was going to happen when she was diagnosed with lung cancer approximately 4 years before her death. The oncologist has determined that she was suffering from Stage 4 lung cancer and could not pull through more than a year but she fought a good battle for 4 years before scumming to deaths hands. Irony, she wasn’t a smoker or drinker but she was an Asian woman.

I lost my grandma (mum’s mother) to ovarian cancer, my grandpa (mum’s father) heart attack but he was diagnosed with blood cancer but recovered miraculously thanks to an amazing doctor whom practiced traditional medicine whom himself scummed to colon cancer. Shit, this word cancer seems to be driving most of us nuts. Just few months back, short of my mum’s 2nd year death anniversary her sister passed away in a sudden heart cells-3attack. So here comes the juicy part, I am single child with no siblings. With all these lost of close family members in life, I still pulled through due to my strong characterized and positive thinking spouse. But just 4 months back, while sitting down a having coffee, this thought crawled into my mind. What if I had “CANCER”? What’s the possibility? I had some uncomfortable feel in my throat, wait I think my tummy too, wait maybe my neck too. Oh shit, I got to get myself checked.

And here is how it all started just a small little spark of “What if”. Oh boy, let me tell you whenever my mind was at rest these thoughts would surface which soon became to surface when I was travelling, sitting, sleeping, showering etc. Life became a big challenge. I never confided to my loving spouse and continued to act normal and happy with my spouse and kids but deep down there I had this gut wrenching and emotional thunderstorm which was taking place within me. Couldn’t sleep well, food had no taste and at times I wondered am I eating due to hunger or was it just to fill me up. Cancer and ultimately death was all I could think off. Imagine every moment of your life you are thinking if you going to survive tomorrow, what’s going to happen to your spouse when you are gone, how will your kids grow up without a dad. Will they miss me? I ain’t lucky enough to see them grow etc, etc. Man, it was real traumatizing!

mumThis went on for  that whole 4 months till one day, I said to myself I can’t take this any longer, mum why did you leave me so suddenly and the void is too much and I have no one to confide on my deepest thoughts and why did you have to be diagnosed with cancer? My mum was everything to me from my strength to my life. She gave up her life after her divorce when I was 3 to put all her energy in bringing me up the right way, sacrificing her life and happiness for me. My spouse always says that my mum told her, that my mum’s happiness in life was me. All these just made it worst. I was looking for someone to confide my problems too, but whom could I go to. I needed a mother’s love, care, touch, concern etc. I need something to grip onto in this whirlpool life. And then the answer came through a storybook my son was ready.

I was reading one of the short stories within the book and the story was titled “Promises are never meant to be broken”. It was a true story revolving around Mother Kali. While reading it something just sparked up in me. Something that I could not explain. I knew who Mother Kali was but I never looked to her for anything till that moment. I remembered than what my mum had told me, my mum’s siblings has told me. “Your biological dad was a strong devotee of Mother Kali and he loved her so much that we believe he had her blessings”. I would not want to say why they believed that my biological dad had some special blessings as I don’t have much details on that. After reading that story and with this memory, I told my spouse about it. She said take care in whatever you are thinking cause Mother Kali is not someone whom you would want to anger in any context.

kaliFrom that moment, I started reading more about Mother Kali and what she meant to us and how she had touched so many others in life. And following up on all these, I was sitting in office and had this urge to take a look at the beauty of Mother Kali that Monday morning. I still remember it’s a Monday! I went into Google to started hunting for that sole picture or portrait which was imprinted in my mind of her (that’s the image on the left). I found that portrait and before I realized I was tearing, the more I looked upon her as my mother the more I teared. It was at that moment, I realized what she meant to me. I had found my mother in life again and this mother would always be eternal and never go away from me. I had found the mother whom had given me to my biological mother. I had at last found her in my midlife crisis. From that moment, all the negative thoughts started to vanish from my thoughts. My life was returning back to normal. I came to realize that I have found my mum back and what’s there to worry. If anything has to happen it has to happen and no one is going to change it. If it’s the will of my eternal mum for something to occur than I was accept it as it is.

I started doing lots a soul searching, reading, viewing videos and rationalizing lots of stuffs which was happening around me and within me. It’s all in the brain/mind. What you think is the ultimate root of all that occurs within you. I had liberated myself from such thoughts through the grace of my mother Kali. I don’t deny that such thoughts still do five-tips-to-make-a-life-while-you-make-a-living-1080x675-380x237[2]occur and surface from time to time but I have learnt to overcome them and turn them to positive thoughts with my mother beside me. To it’s like me it’s like I am still a child and holding my mum’s hand and walking through this phase called life. So much had happened in that few months of my mid-life crisis but it had made me stronger person to live my life on.

Sign Off, Conscious Words.

Note:Thank you to those  sites which had given me this images. I claim no ownership to these images.

A Consultant vs 3 Quotes.

Where is the value of a consultant?

I am getting pretty amazed with this 3 quote practice or procedure or what bullshit you call it. I can understand this 3 quote process as a buyer myself. I do visit a few electronic outlets to checks out a particular device/equipment before purchasing it at the best price but not always at the cheapest price. Why best price and not cheap price? Simple, best price might equate to a bundled offer or promotional offer which the total package might be more attractive than a cheaper price without a bundle.

But I can’t imagining walking into a 3 different restaurants just to make a comparison which one serves the best Chicken Chops or Fish Head Curry etc. Come on, I would just go to the restaurant which serves the best for the dish which I am intending to dine. It might be more costly but generally as humans we don’t compromise quality for cost. And quality in this case refers to services. Get the golden word , SERVICES.

As someone leading a team, I come to wonder how prospective clients can call for a 3 quote when it comes to services and they can still justify this act by saying it’s an apple to apple comparison. Yeah, we are talking 2 separate consultants from different organizations  and are able to churn up the same exact looking scope of work for an apple to apple to comparison! Let’s accept the bloody and frank fact that there can be NO two same apples coming from the same tree, you can’t even define them as same in this context and there can be NO 2 same scope of work. Unless this so called good prospect decided to shared the proposed scope of work from one organization to another to get a so called apple to apple comparison. I ain’t joking cause I have meet such jokers. I term them in a more friendly manner “Screwballs”.

From a statistics perspective (my experience), I can safely say that such clients always screw themselves up when their so called apple to apple comparison yields the cheaper service partner but once the job starts, they come to realize that the apple they got their hands on did look delicious from the outside. Upon slicing it they discovered little, little worms squirming inside. Anyway they deserved what they were suppose to deserve. My advise to my team today after seeing much of such clients “Don’t bother doing business with these guys, quote them the needed and move on if they start to pull the 3 quote stunt“. I understand negotiations in services deal which I respect but when it comes to 3 quotes even after you have expressed your value/efforts/sincerity/competency, I’m walking away…

Sign Off, Conscious Words

Have we lost our humor?

Just take a step back and think and then laugh.

Humor, it is keeps us alive and kicking but I guess it’s a sad reality that we are starting to lose it slowly. Over the last week, there was this great saga here in Singapore which had many motor owners fuming crazy over an unexpected incident (advertisement strategy) which I felt was a great way to capture the owners attention to an advert. How many times have you and me, picked up an advert which was stick on your vehicles only to not even take a minute to glance through it but crush it and dump it into the bin.

Have we reached a phase in life or living where everything has to be taken seriously? Can’t we laugh about something when it happens to us but we can laugh till our tummy hurts when we see various pranks of shampoo, clown, serial killers on social media and enjoy searching for more of those stuffs. Has our pace in life gone so fast that we can’t afford to take a step back an laugh. We have lost the sense of humor? Science itself has proven that laughing keeps you more healthy, high-spirited.  So are you someone whom can laugh off something which should be laughed at?

So this company went into full creative mode. They created their advert near close to the replica of the parking summon, got folks to stick this advert into the vehicle wipers (the exact same way how you will get a summon) overnight. The next morning when the vehicle owners went to their respective car-parks to drive out, they were presented with a “rude shock” by seeing a summon ticket on their windscreen. It’s a general reaction for anyone to get worked up when seeing a summon ticket on their vehicle, but should you really get worked up if you knew you had paid your parking dues, parked in the right lot etc. This advertisement stunt was pulled at nearly 2000 HDB car-parks. 

Many owners found this stupid, idiotic, disturbing and took it into the social media platform to express their disgust. Generally getting a summon is already predetermined by yourself by not placing the right amount of parking coupons, expired parking coupons or parking in lots which you should not be parking or worst by not paying your season parking fees (all these are your responsibility). So in a nutshell, you would already be expecting a summon when you decided to try your luck at the above scenarios. So why get worked up when you know you never did anything wrong and why lash out in social media about this? Have a laugh, appreciate the organization which made you spend time looking/reading through the advertisement when you never did for the countless others. Do away with those superstitious beliefs of I am going to get a real summon. Even if you did, you would have already predetermined it like I explained.

Imagine seeing gloomy, grumpy folks all around you who are picking fault and complaining away at every small incident which can be viewed from a different perspective. 

Sign Off, Conscious Words

Image credit goes to – http://www.marketing-interactive.com/another-parking-summons-marketing-stunt-hits-singaporean-motorists/

Microsoft FastTrack …

Come on Microsoft, don’t mess up your partners services dollars.

We are all about partners. Than came along FastTrack from Microsoft. From my conscious thoughts, it’s a double edged swordThe idea was great but it does have some flaws from my perspective. I am not going to explain about this FastTrack in my post, to understand further you can refer to this link. 

Yes, I can understand that Microsoft has created this FastTrack to ease up clients transition and on-boarding process to Microsoft Cloud Solutions such as Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security etc but not at the expense of the partner whom did all the convincing, discussion and strategy planning with the client before they made the decision to move to Microsoft Cloud solutions. Honestly, why would a partner want to take or contribute to all the effort in convincing the client when in-directly this partner stands to lose out the total services revenue because of FastTrack. The irony, FastTrack offers on-boarding, migrating, driving consumption of the selected Microsoft workloads at no cost to the client whom have signed up with Microsoft Cloud Solution, when services partners survival depends on such services.

To make things worst, I have been approached by Microsoft reps whom have expressed that I as a Microsoft partner (services partner) should communicate with my prospects (clients) that Microsoft has this so called FastTrack program where free services will be provided to client in regards to their on-boarding and migration when the existence of  the partner services depends on delivering such services at a cost to clients. To make it more spicy, I have also been told that in an event if I run into screw- ups in my service delivery and if I had not engaged FastTrack or work with them closely in regards to clients migration/on-boarding, I can’t seek the local Microsoft reps support. Come on, Grow up folks you want the partners to do all the pre-work but you don’t want them to continue the services portion? To make things worst, this FastTrack team calls our newly enrolled clients directly to update them on what’s FastTrack and why they should use this free FastTrack services. Hello, what’s up? Where did your partner ecosystem go to? Shouldn’t you have the basic courtesy to call up the partner and have a discussion with them first before calling the clients? Basic Sync-Up, come on!

Don’t you think you guys are just driving us (services partners) to the corner with such talks and actions? It’s already so tough to secure deals and position our delivery services and now we have to compete with Microsoft FastTack? Don’t force us, there is always a game changer waiting somewhere to counter. I can understand that FastTrack helps clients to keep their cost of services at $0 if FastTrack services is utilized.  I can also understand this really helps lots of SMB clients. I also do acknowledge that FastTrack is assisting with the consumption of the selected workloads. But what I don’t understand here is why should I do a mandatory sharing of FastTrack to our prospective clients and highlight the portion where FastTrack is a free service. I strongly feel the engagement process between partners, clients and FastTrack should be managed and maintained by the partner and not the FastTrack team. Unless the partners gives them the all go ahead signal to engage with client directly.

I don’t know if this is owned out of Microsoft Corp or which segment but we need to establish the basis of engagement first and not mess up partner deployment services. I am very sure this saga isn’t going to end anytime soon but as partners we have to make our voice heard.

Sign Off, Conscious Words.